What Can Be Salvaged After a House Fire

The last thing you would expect in your lifetime is seeing your house on fire. However, accidents happen even to the best of us. You may find yourself asking a lot of questions. For instance, what can be salvaged after a house fire? Who can help me with cleaning up after a house fire? Is there an after fire clean up company near me? You will also want tips of how to clean after a fire.

What to Throw Away After a House Fire
What to Throw Away After a House Fire? What Items Can Be Salvaged After a Fire?

For these and more questions about post fire cleanup, this post has all the answers for you. It will tell you what to throw away after a fire, and what to salvage. Moreover, you will know who to call for cleaning after a fire. Read on because you never know when you need this after-fire cleanup guide.

What to Salvage and Throw Away After a House Fire

Depending on the severity of the fire, there are things you can salvage and a lot to throw away. To get the right help after Arizona house fire, National Restore is always a call away. These are house fire clean up experts, who will come to your aid at this hour of need.

Most importantly, you would want to know the things you should throw away to safeguard your health. For your heads up, here are some things that should go to the waste bins or salvage after a house fire Phoenix AZ;

  • Cosmetics and Medicines: One of the first things to check when cleaning after a house fire is your medicine and cosmetics bag. If they are exposed to the heat or you can see evidence of charring, they belong to the waste bin.
  • Perishables (Preserved at Room Temperature): Maybe you notice your refrigerator has survived during the house fire clean up. It is a good sign that your perishables are intact after all. Inspect them carefully to see if they are covered in soot or are smelly. If you had kept them for too long at room temperature, they are no longer useful.
  • Nonperishable (Exposed to Smoke, Heat, and Fire Cleanup Chemicals): Anything exposed to heat, smoke and chemicals should be discarded with no questions asked. In cases where you had your non-perishables sealed, you may still salvage them. Nevertheless, be keen to inspect if they have as signs of fire, smoke, or chemical damage.
  • Clothing: Cleaning clothes after a fire is part of the routine to make sure cold does not get the better of you. Sadly, any burned clothing may not be saved at all. Even more importantly is when deciding the clothing to keep from your kids’ closet. You do not want any harm coming to your young ones.
  • Toys (Other Materialistic Objects): As much happiness it brings a child to find their doll or other material item saved from the fire. It’s always best to wash, clean, dry before handling it to any youth. For the safety of their health.
Things to Salvage After a Fire
Things to Salvage After a Fire.

FAQs Damage Control After a House Fire

Is it safe to use dishes after a house fire?

Unfortunately, kitchen fire damage may affect your dishes. But you can wash the ones that are not severely burned with detergent and bleach where necessary, and they are safe to use.

What do you throw away after a house fire?

Anything that is charred, burned, or exposed to heat, smoke and the fire clean up chemicals.

Is it safe to sleep in a house after a small fire?

The answer is a simple no. No matter how small or big the fire was, it is not safe to sleep in your house after fire.

Salvaging Items after A Fire

What can be salvaged after a house fire depends on the condition, how it was exposed, and for how long. Understanding what to do with fire emergencies is a great way to be ahead of any future property fire situation. During scary times in dealing with a property fire, it’s always best to have the experts involved as soon as possible to reduce any further damage. As property owners, it’s important to have an understanding of what can be done to improve the situation. Even the best damage restoration company for post fire cleanup will suggest that time is of an essence and human safety is far superior to salvaging material items.

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