Insurance Restoration Process

Restoration Process

Response time needs to be immediate to reduce further property damage. Delaying to call professionals or arriving promptly can domino effect to a more costly recovery, salvage, and reconstruction timeline. If you have a property that has been damaged by fire, mold, water, soot or storm, or unsure if a certain contamination area is old or new with water stains, call immediately and National Restore will handle and walk you through the restoration process.

Rapid Response

Our job as a restoration company is to arrive immediately to the scene to quickly assess the situation, mitigate standing or flooding water outside the area, clean up the mess, and to preserve and protect the property and it's salvageable contents so that further havoc does not occur.

With on-demand dispatch teams, National Restore is a leading restoration service company that arrives to the scene with enough personnel and mitigatation, restoration, and coverage equipment to handle the situation promptly.

Assess / Cleanup

Once arriving to the scene, our team starts with a walk-through of the compromised area(s) and discuss what and how the property area should be cleaned. If haven't already, our team will take photos to record the damage, salvgeable items, and compromised area(s).

After our restoration team evaluates the work size, and equipment needed, a quote will be estimated and shared to the property owners. Once property owners "green light" the cleanup, our team will work quickly to prevent further damage to the compromised area and property structure.


Post Restoration Assess / Test

After the work sequence (assess damage and hazards, work plan, clean-out and tear-out, clean and decontamination, restore...and improve) our team tests for moisture, mold, structure rigidity, and property's visual restoration.

When the project checks out, our team will educate on post-restoration guidelines for lookouts of any signs that are needing re-attention. We go above and beyond during our restoration process to ensure the property is as clean if not in better shape that it was before the unexpected damage.

Job Complete

Nationanal Restore will complete and share all final documentation to and from the insurance company for your own records.

As a leader in emergency restoration and mitigation services. Our job is to swiftly alleviate the entire process from start to finish so that the property is ready to be used in a quick turnaround time.

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