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At National Restore LLC. our focus is to rebuild what has been damaged by natural disasters, and assist with the victims that have been impacted.
Water damage is one of the most potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. And it’s important that you remedy the damage as quickly and as efficiently as possible. At National Restore we use the most advanced equipment and techniques to restore your water damaged home to its former state. Our team will closely monitor and document the drying process to ensure your property is dried properly and thoroughly.


Day or Night Emergency Response - Commercial | Residential
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Arriving to Water Damage in Glendale

Urgent matters need immediate arrival response times. Delaying to contact professionals can increase financial havoc and property damage.

Moisture Meters & Damage Detection

Ceiling, Drywall & Floor moisture cannot hide from us. Our equipement & moisture detectors locate & tests for dampness and severity of damage.

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Whether flood, fire, soot, or mold at your Glendale property. These need to be treated with speed and effectivenesss to stop or heavily reduce the decontamination or further property havoc. If you are facing any damage, contact National Restore and we'll be on the move to help.
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Day or Night Emergency Response - Commercial | Residential

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The importance of hiring a licensed and reputable Glendale general contractors is just as high as the inititial cleanup. Whether reconstruction or contents restoration, we are eager to help in the recovery process.





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Day or Night Emergency Response - Commercial | Residential


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Glendale Water Damage & Mitigation Services

Which is the Best Equipment to Detect Hidden Moisture?

We leverage advanced equipment that can detect hidden moisture, extract water as fast as possible and thoroughly clean and dry your home and personal belongings. To ensure your comfort and safety, our technicians will finish the job by professionally deodorizing and sanitizing your carpet.

Ceiling Detection

Wall Detection

Foundation Detection

Complete Protection

What Should You Expect If You Need Water Damage Help?

Our representative will ask several questions:
  • Your name and contact details
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged premises
  • The date and/or time of the water damage or flooding?
  • The cause of the water damage (if known)
  • Is there electricity available (on site)?

What Do You Expect When You Hire Us?

The water damage Glendale AZ restoration process starts with a detailed inspection of the affected property, including an assessment of the damages. National Restore technicians will determine the scope of the damage to develop an appropriate plan of action, flood restoration timeline and estimate.

(Category Type 1 Water)

(Category Type 2 Water)

(Category Type 3 Water)

After carefully determining the type of water category, here are the restoration steps that follow:
  • •  Surveying the extent of water damage
  • •  Water mitigation extraction/removal of water
  • •  Drying and Dehumidification
  • •  Cleaning and sanitization (near the end)
  • •  Test for any moisture

Water Removal or Extraction Process

The water extraction process helps to remove most of the water from your home/property. Our technicians will perform a thorough water extraction that will help to prevent mold and secondary water damage while also helping to reduce the drying time. We utilize powerful truck-mounted vacuum units and pumps to quickly remove up to hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your flooded home.

Post water removal i.e.
Drying and Dehumidification

Once our technicians have removed most of the water from your property, your walls and floors will likely look dry at first glance, but they’ll be wet to the touch. Most building materials such as wood and drywall are porous, which means they’ll retain a significant amount of water even after the water removal step. The retained water can cause these materials to break down, swell or warp and may also cause mold damage.
To get rid of the remaining moisture, our technicians will manage the temperature and relative humidity on your premises. They’ll make use of specialized equipment, such as dehumidifiers and industrial air movers to get rid of moisture that is hidden in hard-to-access areas or has been retained by building materials. They’ll then monitor the progress carefully using moisture meters to ensure the materials return to acceptable drying levels. We’ll also monitor water damage on wall and floors.

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

We specialize in restoring items damaged by water, mold and fire. Our team’s restoration experts can help you to save loads of cash while preserving precious mementos, including personal items such as photos that can’t be replaced.
We are well versed in identifying and eliminating offensive odors with fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers. Our superior equipment is designed to effectively treat persistent odors that prove difficult to eliminate using typical air fresheners and similar equipment.
Depending on the scenario, our technicians may use disinfectant, antibacterial or antimicrobial treatments to clean your property.
We will also remove and dispose of water-damaged materials after consulting with you as well as your insurance adjuster.


Commercial water damage and mitigation services. Water damage may strike your business property at any time. Whether the damage occurs from a broken water line or a major storm event, water damage can interrupt your normal business operations. Time is money and every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So, when you have an emergency and need the services of one of the best water mitigation companies in Glendale. When you’re looking for a water damage company Glendale has plenty to offer. National Restore offers fast, 24-hour emergency flood repair services, 365 days a year.


How Can Water Damage be Prepared?

Glendale Water damage restoration is a scientific process. Our technicians will evaluate three criteria that will help them determine whether your property can be restored or must be replaced:
•   Restoration vs. Replacement Costs
•   Amount of Property Damage
•   Degree of Contamination
Failing to promptly and properly deal with water damage (learn preparation and awareness) can cause potential health risks, financial burdens and major business interruption and recovery.

How to Stop Mold Growing from Growing?

To prevent mold from growing, you need to seek the services of a fast response, professional water damage restoration Glendale contractor like National Restore. Mold can grow and develop in a matter of hours so you need to act fast. Although dangerous molds are rare, any mold can potentially cause health problems and proper removal is critical.From initially testing the air quality and identifying mold to using safe and effective removal methods, we strive to ensure your property is back to normal quickly and professionally. It's important to know how to judge if the area has old or new water stains, to be able to call the professionals in time before more havoc.

Basement Flooded?

Wet or Flooded Basement:It’s not uncommon for homeowners to descend their basement steps only to find a pool of murky water. Water will typically flow through the path of least resistance, finding holes and cracks in basement walls. A kitchen flood, bathroom flood or basement flood, therefore, can be attributed to a faulty sump pump, heavy rains, insufficient drainage around basement walls or a combination of these factors.

Sewage Backup?

A sewer backup should be considered an emergency because the water from your sewage system may contain bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microbes. National Restore has the specialized training and equipment to provide safe and quick sewer water cleanup services.

Customer Tips

What to Do When Flooding Occurs?

•   Is it safe to stay in the house?
•   “Slip and Fall” and electrical hazards are major concerns
•   Only do activities that are safe for you to perform
•   Wet materials can be particularly heavy, so exercise caution.

What to Do After Flooding?

•  Blot and mop wet areas to remove excess water
•  Wipe excess water from wooden furniture after removing lamps and other tabletop items
•  Place wooden blocks and aluminum foil between wet carpeting and furniture legs
•  Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in the summer
•  Remove colored rugs from wet carpets
•  Move all your art objects to a safe, dry place
•  Gather loose items from the floors

What Not to Do After Flooding

•  Don’t use your household vacuum to remove water
•  Keep out of rooms where the ceiling is sagging and don’t turn on ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet
•  Don’t use your TV or other household appliances
•  Don’t leave magazines, books or other colored items on wet floors or carpets
•  Don’t leave wet fabrics in place. Hang leather goods and furs
If you’re looking for a property restoration company in Glendale that offers emergency services, look no further.

What Areas Do We Service?

We service the entire West Valley such as Buckeye, Phoenix, Surprise and other surrounding cities.

Glendale, Arizona

History of Glendale, Arizona: Glendale was first settled in 1892, attracting families with its no-alcohol policy, sufficient water supply and fertile land. The small town quickly blossomed into the largest town northwest of Salt River Valley after the establishment of a railroad link to Phoenix in 1895. With miles of open space separating Glendale from Phoenix, the town developed its own downtown with businesses, department stores, theatres, groceries and banks.
Demographics of Glendale: According to the latest US census estimates, Glendale has an estimated population of about 241,543. The overall median age is about 34 years, which is about 9% lower than the Arizona average of 37. About 48% of the population in Glendale over 15 years of age are married, 24% speak Spanish and 68% speak English.
Previous Major Storms in Glendale: Glendale is lucky not to have too many storms. However, storm damage can occur in your house and it’s important to get the damage taken care of as soon as possible. On the 23rd of October 2018, a brief landspout tornado formed in Glendale, AZ.
Things to Do In Glendale: There are several attractions and things to do in Glendale, AZ. Common places you can visit and have some fun with friends and family include the Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix, Thunderbird Conservation Park and Westgate Entertainment District. You can also watch a live football match at the University of Phoenix Stadium or visit the Cerreta Candy Company to catch the candy-making process.
There are plenty of things you can do in Glendale, AZ, however, you should consider searching through the internet to gather more information. Finally, if you reside in Glendale, AZ, or you own a business and you've got a water damage problem, feel free to contact us at any given time.


Day or Night Emergency Response - Commercial | Residential